How To Use IPTV To Create A Successful Business Product

Step 1: HOW TO START IPTV BUSINESS. Introduction

How to become IPTV provider?

IPTV stands for television transmitted over an Internet Protocol Network. It is an emerging technology that has the potential to change the way we receive home entertainment, obtain training, operate our PCs, or even use our mobile phones. It is being used supply television services to anything from mobile phone
displays and PC monitors to plasma and LCD televisions. But how to start business IPTV and become an IPTV provider?

This why we decided to launch an 8-week boot camp to help you learn everything you need to start your own IPTV business. Setplex can help you set up the necessary infrastructure to successfully enter this competitive market.

What steps required to become IPTV service provider?

The topics covered in this series will comprise all the major components of an IPTV:

• Setrix Media Player
• Applications for Smart TV
• Tablet and Phone Applications
• Set Top Box (STB)
• Content Delivery Network
• Custom Interface
• Support and Launch

IPTV Middleware

The Middleware system is the most primary element of the IPTV system. It links all IPTV
services with IP set-top boxes and also provides user interface. Our middleware is
called NORA.

Media players

Media players enable both corporate and individual users to view a variety of video data
streams retrieved from the Internet. They can allow users to view and hear a range of media
events, including movies and other types of video media. Our Media Player is called Setrix
Media Player.


Content Delivery Network (abbr. CDN) is the way the content is delivered to the end user.
The ability to deliver requested content will require the development of a content distribution network.

Applications for Smart TV

Smart TVs are the latest version of TVs and come with software of their own with installable apps like youtube and netflix. With our system you can publish your own custom branded smart TV app. Smart TVs are one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms for audiences.

Tablet and Phone Applications

Tablets and phones have become one of the most used streaming devices in recent times.
Consumers can now access all features on the go via these gadgets. They will not need to create
an app or go through any such nuisance; Setplex will take care of the app creation and

Set TOP Box (STB)

The STB set top box is the box that connects the user to the middleware and allows the
consumer to watch tv, or Video On Demand (abbr. VOD) etc. Our flagship SP110 is one of
the leaders in the market and has many features and its channel zapping speed is the top in the industry.


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